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Focus Tech and Dahua

Focus Tech Inc. from Santa Rosa CA, and Dahua Technology partnered for their first ever licensed cannabis facility case study. This case study was a deep dive into the different types of security cameras used for specific applications, the benefits of an access control system, Dahua's robust and versatile DSS Platform and more. DSS allows multiple screens live viewing many cameras at once by security personnel. Remote monitoring is also easy to setup with Dahua cameras by using their p2p method. Dahua's EVS unit allows for up to 24 HDD's to meet the needs of cannabis licensees'.

Focus Tech Featured in SDM Article about VSaas

Fletcher Pinkham, CEO at Focus Tech Inc. in Santa Rosa, CA was featured in an article exploring remote guarding and Video Surveillance as a service (VSaas).

Remote Guarding agent looking at screens displaying live view from security cameras

Does Remote Guarding
Really Work?

Remote guarding is the best level of security for many reasons. But does it really work?

Multiple security cameras in a technicians hands

What Type of Camera Should I Use?

There are so many different body and lens types of security cameras, which one is best for my needs?

Security guard looking at video wall and calling on phone

What is a Video Wall?

We discuss what a video wall is and how on-site and off site security and remote guard agents utilize this technology.

Shows different resolution in terms of field of view and pixels

What's the Deal With Megapixels?

How high definition do my security cameras need to be and how does that affect my NVR/DVR storage?

Digital layout of Acccess control system

What is Access Control?

What is access control and how can it protect my business and improve workflow? How can it integrate with remote guarding solutions?

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